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Birth of a mythical cheese

They say that a young shepherd, in love, was distracted by a shepherdess. Forgetting his rye bread and sheep's cheese in the cave of Combalou where he was resting, he left to pursue the girl. A little while later, he returned to this place and discovered his meal covered in a blue-green mould. Famished, he tasted the cheese and was delighted. Roquefort, alchemy between the natural ventilation of a cave, rye bread and the cheese of the Lacaune ewes had been born.

In 1070 there is mention for the first time of Roquefort in the Carolingian texts. From then on the history of Roquefort remains closely related to Roquefort-sur-Soulzon and the Combalou mountains, thanks to King Charles VI. He decided in the 15th century, and for the first time in France, to grant exclusive production rights to the inhabitants of Roquefort, making the caves protected places. In the Century of the Enlightenment, Diderot consecrated Roquefort by awarding it the title of King of cheeses. In 1925, Roquefort became the first recognised Appellation d'Origine cheese. To date, it benefits from European recognition as Appellation d'Origine Protégée, which guarantees the provenance of a product.

Today, by manufacturing its Roquefort at the foot of the Combalou.

Aveyron, the richness of a territory

  • In the south of France, a village of Aveyron gave its name to our cheese: Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. It's within this unique framework that all AOP Roquefort is made.

    The rock of Combalou against which this village is built, collapsed years ago, giving this region its natural riches including many caves and grottoes.

  • It is inside one of these that Roquefort was invented and it is also inside one of these inhabited caves, that Papillon Roquefort takes its time to imbibe its unique flavours.

    Refining the cheese is done in a traditional way. The 'fleurines', natural chimneys that traverse the mountain over several hundred metres, convey air to the cellar, charging it with moisture and giving each cheese its character.

  • Whilst the soil of Aveyron is an exceptional place to produce Roquefort, the intervention of men and master refiners is essential.

    By supervising the temperature and moisture, it is they who decide to pack the Roquefort in their foil sheet at the end of the refining process.

  • To go further and create a symbol of the soil of Aveyron and of French gastronomy, to mark the 100 years of the brand, Papillon has joined forces with the Forge of Laguiole.

    Symbol of the alliance between modernity and tradition, the Papillon Laguiole was especially designed by Olivier Gagnere to represent luxury and refinement.

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