Our commitments

Our values

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfactionis the first of our values. All of our teams work towards one goal: to offer you cheese of exceptional quality, in impeccable packaging, via efficient logistics and a customer relationship at your service.


We work in an atmosphere of respect:
  • - respect for human beings, who work with passion,
  • - respect for Nature, which offers us its most beautiful treasures,
  • - respect for our committments, because we never forget our responsibility.

Team Spirit

The Papillon cheese dairies, above all the history of a family company where humans area at the heart of our trades.


For over a century, we have been manufacturing one of oldest cheeses in the world. However, we lack neither audacity nor creativity. Our Research and Development service works for continuous improvement as well as the development of new recipes.

Signs of quality

Appellation d'Origine Protégée


The 'Appellation d'Origine Protégée', or 'AOP', was founded in 1992. This European mark of quality came to replace the AOC, Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée', French sign of quality. The AOP is the denomination of a product whose production, processing and development must take place in a given geographical area with a recognized and noted know-how.

Production from organic agriculture

Production from organic agriculture

Bio logos (European and AB) indicate that the products are 100% organic or contain at least 95% organic ingredients.



To produce, to process and market products resulting from organic agriculture, any operator (producer, preparer, distributor or importer) must have been inspected by an organisation certifier approved by the public authorities and have the corresponding certificates. Roquefort Papillon cheese resulting from organic agriculture as well as the olive oil Papillon Bio are controlled and certified by these organizations.

Roquefort garanti d'origine et de qualité


The collective brand 'Brebis Rouge' was created in 1930 by the Confédération Générale des Producteurs de Lait de Brebis et des Industriels de Roquefort. To consumers, it means that all quality controls, and more generally the conditions prescribed for use of the label of origin 'Roquefort' were strictly observed. This confederal brand has been deposited since then in more than 80 countries. You will find on all packages of Roquefort.


Quality control is in the Fromageries Papillon DNA. We pay it constant attention, from the selection of the raw materials to the distribution of our cheeses.

We work in close cooperation with the stockbreeders of the Lacaune breed sheep, so that our milk is of an irreproachable quality. In the same way, we develop our Penicillium Roqueforti stock ourselves, pledge of the unique flavours of our Roquefort cheeses.

We are also extremely vigilant as regards food safety. Our products are tested and analysed in the laboratory at each phase of their preparation.

Furthermore, so that the Papillon cheese experience is always the best possible for the consumer, a series of sensory tests are performed by an internal jury as well as by an external jury
We wanted to materialise this commitment to quality through a set of certifications. Finally, since 2006, the Papillon Dairies are certified under the international repository BCR (British Retail Consortium).