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Prepare and Preserve

Amateurs of Roquefort will be able to recognise a good cheese. An ivory colour marbled in blue-green, holds well when cut, a discrete and subtle smell and balanced taste, melting, long-lasting in the mouth and slightly salted: these are the characteristics of the Roquefort Papillon. To preserve all its flavour, it is advisable to pay particular attention to how it is packed, cut and served.


Our Papillon Roquefort can be served as a delicacy accompanied by a good slice of rye bread and a glass of wine*, but it can equally add a sublime touch to some of your other dishes. Roquefort is an invaluable ally in the kitchen, a guarantee of subtle and delicate savours. For this purpose Papillon has created their own food blog, which offers more than 400 different recipes for starters, main dishes and desserts around its unique cheese. This online book of recipes, is an invitation to exert your creativity, your passion and your culinary audacity.

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Roquefort Papillon recipes

Cheese Platter

To enjoy your Roquefort, you can serve it on a cheese platter. The Aveyron region and sheep's milk cheeses are particularly well-suited for a unique themed cheese platter with elegant savours.

Ainsi, Rondin, Pérail, Brebille et pavé de l'Aveyron offer a perfect accompaniment to your Papillon Roquefort. To fully enjoy them, don't forget to take the cheeses out of the refrigerator at least an hour in advance and always enjoy your cheeses in ascending order of flavour.

Finally, there is no reason not to serve the same platter as an aperitif*. Just provide your cheeses with rye bread, a few nuts and Papillon sheep's milk butter or green grapes.

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Cheese Platter
* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation.